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Hi everybody!

My name is Bill Stea, and I'm the Young Adult Librarian at Waldorf West Library in Waldorf, MD. My grant is going toward graphic novels, a printing of our Library League comic book, and bookmarks of Library League members to be distributed throughout our system.

Some of you asked about how we create our comic books through our comic book club. I posted it through the blog I started. Feel free to check it out at: http://summerreading.ning.com/profiles/blog/list

The photo I'm using is an example of what the Photoshop software can do. I really enjoyed meeting all of you, and I look forward to working with you if you have any questions!

Hello! My name is Jess and I am the Teen Librarian for Citizens Library in Washington, Pennsylvania. I've been in this position for about 7 months so I'm still learning and figuring out what my teens are most interested in. Receiving the grant was definitely awesome and I'm so grateful. Talking with the previous teen librarian I know the Teens Top Ten books are a big pull for the area, and because we are the district center, I am planning to get multiple copies of the nominees this year with the grant money. I've also been planning to beef up our graphic novel section and have an event this summer with a comic book artist. 

Starting to purchase some resources!  What is your most popular magazine for teens at your branch?  A part of my funds is going purchasing some new magazine subscriptions for our teen room. 


Does anyone have any ideas on where to look for a comic or manga artist? The one I had lined up fell through and now I am scrambling to find another one. Someone suggested contacting local colleges, do you have any other suggestions?

Hi! My name is Kristine McKean and I am from the Boynton Beach City Library in sunny South Florida (Palm Beach County). I am the Teen Services Librarian. I am super excited to be able to buy a ton of graphic novels and comic books to supplement our collection and to start a comic book exchange. We are focusing on using comics and graphic novels to explore the concepts of Good Vs. Evil, the antihero and also the idea of sympathetic villains. We will be having a mock trial of sympathetic villain (one that they choose that has had circumstances in life that might turn anyone "evil"), we will make political ads for superheroes and villains in our digital lab, have a professor from the local college come and talk about these same concepts and also the literary value of comics and graphic novels. We will have a comic book program where we talk about female heroines and comics and learn nail designs. Our AmeriCorps member will be working with the teens on making superhero/villain memes, scripting and filming skits, and other tech projects based upon the summer theme. We also have a comic book artist coming to the library.

We started a new format last summer for our summer reading program. When kids and teens register, they are randomly assigned a team (this year the teams are: The Mysterios, The Legion of Doom, The Zodiacs and The Galactic Defenders). Each team has a staff member captain so that we can help motivate our team (and the kids love playfully trash talking). The more programs they attend and the more time they spend reading, the more points they earn for themselves and their team. The points earn them tickets for our grand prize drawings (PS vita, sport equipment, nail stuff, hair stuff, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, etc.), but everyone who completes is assured an invitation to our pizza party and the standard library monogrammed prize (this year it's a charger that has adapters for multiple devices).  We encourage them to check in weekly by offering a weekly gift card raffle for those that check in. Last summer, it was a huge hit and the teen completion rate went from around 20% up to 40%. They love the team concept and competitiveness of it and we all have a grand ol' time.

I had surgery in April and I am headed to Europe for three weeks in May, so I am balancing lots of plates in the air, but I am stoked to be able to receive this grant and learn from all of you!


Are there any comic book shops in your area? I would suggest contacting them as they usually know of local artists. Or the local college!
Robina Norman said:


Does anyone have any ideas on where to look for a comic or manga artist? The one I had lined up fell through and now I am scrambling to find another one. Someone suggested contacting local colleges, do you have any other suggestions?

Currently cataloging our new SRP materials that have been steadily coming in the past few weeks! Thanks again Dollar General and YALSA!! We can't wait for summer to start!

Hi! Sorry I'm late to the discussion here. My name is Corinna and I'm the Teen Librarian for Mesa County Libraries, a district of 8 branches in Western Colorado. Our Summer Reading Program kicked off yesterday and wow was it bustling!! This grant is specifically funding a series of Storytelling Through Comics workshops. The curriculum we're using is from Pop Culture Classroom, a non-profit here in Colorado associated with Denver Comic Con. Our instructor will be a professor from our local community college who teaches Digital Design but is very enthusiastic about comics and drawing. I hope everyone's SRP is off to an awesome start!!

Here is a photo of some of our Spanish YA materials that I've been able to purchase thanks to the grant.  Some of the others have already been checked out, so I couldn't include them in the picture.  Awesome!

Here's a picture from last night's Life Hack Academy.  This week's program was CPR/First Aid with a paramedic.  I used grant funds to purchase some books that complement each week's program, ranging from first aid, to saving for college, to maintaining your first automobile.  So far, it's been a hit.  Thank you YALSA and Dollar General for the ability to add these great books to our collection!

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