This discussion forum is for the 2015 Teen Intern Grantees. Please use this space to introduce yourself and your library, as well as share stories and resources with the other grantees.

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Hello everyone!  My name is Tiffany Boeglen and I'm a Teen Services Lead Librarian at University City Regional Library, a branch with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I'd like to also introduce Holly Summers-Gil.  Holly is a Teen Services Lead Librarian at our South County Regional Library location.  Holly and I are very excited that CML is one of the recipients of this year's  YALSA/Family Dollar grant!  We plan to hire three teen summer interns to work across our nine week Summer Reading program.   From navigating our Summer Reading website to working with our new MakerSpace, teens will be afforded the opportunity to have an engaging and meaningful experience at our Library working with people of all ages.  Teens will also help deliver programs and will assist in developing new programming for next year.  In addition, our interns will be working alongside other Teen Summer Volunteers at one or more of our twenty branches to allow them a well-rounded experience. 

Hello from Virginia again....we have our job applications distributed  (attached  if you are interested).  Our teen interns will be assisting with programs that interest them including:  Read to the Dogs, Space Camp, Readers Theater, Story Hours, Writing/Bookmaking Class, Summer Reading Special Events (held at the YMCA), and more!  The application can be tweeked to reflect your Intern Program.  


From Julianne in Virginia...sorry the attachment should have been a PDF. Try this one to access the job application form we used.


Hi Holly and Tiffany!!

From Chantell McDowell

In follow up from our meeting today, I wanted to add that I am in a smaller library system. I said that I'm in a rural area, but that's not always clear. We have a main library (where I will have the intern), 2 branches,  2 "stations" (which are run by paraprofessionals) and a historical library (run by volunteers). I split my time between the main library and one of the branches and I have a full time assistant at one branch and a part-time assistant at the other.

It was nice to hear from many of you today. I'm really excited to see how your experiences go. This is my first time with a paid intern. We use a lot of volunteers, but lost the ability to pay interns well before I was working here.

Dr. Chantell L. McDowell said:

Hi Holly and Tiffany!!

From Chantell McDowell

Hello Chantell!  Hope you're doing well!!

Hi I'm the Director at the Waterford Township Public Library (WTPL)  in Atco, New Jersey  WTPL is a small municipal library in a semi-rural area of South Jersey, which serves the Township of Waterford.  As reported in the 2010 Census the total population is 10,649.  We are planning on hiring between 3-4  teen interns for our Summer Maker Camp on Google +.  The Summer Maker Camp on Google + is a 6-week free Maker Camp for grades 5 to 12. Each week is themed to appeal to every camper’s unique interests. Our interns will help our campers tinker, experiment and build weekly projects and in turn our interns will develop leadership skills.

Is there a sample press release for a recipient of a teen intern grant?

Hello everyone,

  I have had some trouble uploading a picture to the site, so I am finally giving up and writing my first post!  I'm from the Public Libraries of Saginaw (Michigan) and this is our second time hosting the Dollar General/YALSA Grant interns.  We are very excited this year because the program was successful last time and we look forward to having our teens learn and grow through this exciting opportunity!  We will have 3 interns and they will help with our SRP sign ups, prize distribution, and programming.  Part of our strategic initiative is to mentor young people and this grant helps us to fulfill this mission.  Looking forward to reading about everyone's experience, here on the blog.  Best wishes everyone for a successful Summer Reading program.

Good morning. I'm the Managing Librarian of Youth Services at the Old Bridge Library in NJ. We are very excited for this grant! We are in the process of redoing our maker space and will offer many STEM courses throughout the summer.  Our teen intern will have the opportunity to work with many diverse ages and ethnicities by designing and implementing their own STEM programs.  Our intern will also have the opportunity to learn how to use all of our maker space equipment and robotics.  

Hello!  My name is Breana Bowen, and I am the Assistant Director for Youth Services at the Cabell County Public Library in Huntington, West Virginia. We are the second largest library system in our state.  We serve a little under 100,000 users.  We have 8 library locations throughout the county, and we are a part of a regional system called the Western Counties Regional Library System. In turn, we have affiliate locations in 4 other West Virginia counties.  We are minutes away from the Ohio and Kentucky borders and share a lot of our resources with their residents. This is the second time that we have been awarded the teen intern grant.  We are excited to begin our intern program this year, and we are thankful that we were given the opportunity to have this program again.  I am excited to hear from the rest of you!  

Mission Statement: The Western Counties Regional Library promptly and courteously provides library materials and information to the area's residents to meet their personal, professional, and educational needs.

Cool fact about our library: Cynthia Rylant worked at our Main Library many years ago. She began her writing career while working for our library. Recently, she dedicated one of her books to our long-time Library Director, Judy Rule! We have some of her original artwork on display in our children's area.


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