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This space is intended for the 2016 Summer Learning Resource grantees.

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Thanks Katharine, this summer will be much different than previous years, and I am excited to get things started.

Katharine Badgley said:

John, Your program sounds great! It sounds like you are really making a difference by extending it out to those additional sites where it is needed.

Hi! Greetings from NJ! I am the Youth Services Librarian at the Pemberton Branch of the Burlington County Library System in Browns Mills, NJ.

Our target is teens that are struggling academically and will be using the grant to provide weekly sessions for help with reading the local high school's summer reading pick and helping them complete their projects, as well as providing free SAT and/or GED test prep.

Looking forward to a busy summer!

Hello! I'm the Teen Librarian at Citizens Library in Washington, Pennsylvania. We are the district center for the county so we try to provide as much teen resources as possible and one thing we like to do is get two copies of the Teens Top Ten nominees every year, so some of the grant will be going towards that. They are very popular and last year teens were given more 'points' for reading them, and this year I plan to have a reveal party and do our own poll to see who wins here. Another thing is tech toys, the teens love Ozo bots which work best with an iPad but you can use them with markers and paper too, but they really enjoy them. We also have a 3D printer that I wanted to get a decorating attachment for so we could make 3D cookie art because a lot of the 'food' related programs I've done in the past have been pretty popular.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give an update about our Summer Learning events happening this weekend. We have former WWE wrestler Zach Gowen coming to inspire and motivate our teens for a two part program this Friday and Saturday. The timing is perfect because Zach was on the TV show American Ninja Warrior on Monday!  Here is a link to his spot on the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJUBwWv3LGg

Also, here is an inspirational video featuring Zach: https://www.facebook.com/DDPYOGA/videos/1033270003428422/

I am excited and hopeful that the events will go well..

Update  on my program: I had a big library card drive at the DAEP campus, and issued 35 library cards to the middle & high school students. At the time, 70 students were enrolled, so I was very pleased with the results.

Part of my library card drive was promotion of our summer reading club for teens, including information on our cooperative program with our City of Tyler transit system, which allows students to ride the city buses to the library free of charge if they show their library card. The ride from the library to their home is also free of charge when they show their card.  

Before the end of the school year, I dropped off 80 books paperback books to the school for the students to take home for the summer, and keep. I bought many books in the Hi Lo series like The Red Zone , Twisted Journeys and Surviving Southside, along with other special requests like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Pretty Little Liars. Any titles not selected by a student were to go in the circulating library collection in the new school year. The teacher I worked with to gain the grant, Ms. Ashley Griffin, encouraged the students to sign up for our summer reading program website, ReadSquared. She provided time at school for them to register, however only four students logged into the system. 

The remainder of the funds will go towards other titles for the school library in the new year. 

Hi, I'm Mary Lovell the Training & Technology Librarian for Seymour Library in Auburn, NY. We don't have a Teen department, but I feel that it is necessary to reach out to our teens, especially since our area has a high ratio of low income/poverty level families. My goal with this grant was to provide the books for summer reading to our teen students via new Kindle Fire tablets (as one tablet could hold the whole summer reading list). I also wanted to provide a source for digital learning, therefore the tablets (beyond being a digital learning resource) are also loaded with games like Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's. There are also other reading materials like graphic novels and popular teen fiction books on the devices as well. They have been circulating all summer and I would consider it a success thus far (but I have yet to pull the actual numbers). Most recently, the library has tapped into the Pokemon Go phase and are offering PokeMondays. Every Monday afternoon at 1pm we set a lure on our Pokestop and invite players to stop by. I can't wait to see the end result of our efforts.

This sounds great, especially the visit from Zach. Our programs are very loosely tied! I purchased books from an author Patrick Jones who is also a young adult/school librarian. I heard him speak at a YAKFest (Young Adult Keller Book Festival, in Keller TX) and he said that he works at a school with uniforms, and they are all orange, since it is a detention center. He write hi-lo books, and is very interested in serving populations that need books about inner city life, or the life a child with a parent in prison, that are written on a low reading level. He is also a big fan of professional wrestling and encourages all libraries to provide magazine on wrestling in the library. Not just because he is a fan, but because it is a subject they want to read about, and any reading is beneficial. I hope your summer is going very well!

My comments are regarding Katharine's program in Genesee with the former WWE. Thanks!

Did anyone see "How to Get Teens in the Library this summer" article about some of our programs in the June American Libraries magazine? I am really behind, and was just reading it. 

Linda, Yes I saw the article, it was great!  Also, Patrick Jones sounds like a very interesting guy and I like the way he thinks.  Any reading is benefical.  He should meet Zach Gowen. Zach was amazing with the kids and I bet together they could reach a lot of teens, especially boys. I am currently bringing a series of library programs as outreach to a group of kids who have a parent in prison.  I would love to share Patrick's books with them and have him speak to them.



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