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Need some advice on how to plan and evaluate your summer reading program? Check out these resources!

  • Webinar: "You've Received the Grant, Now What?: Strategies for Making the Most of Your Teen Interns
    Join Stephanie Charlefour for this 60-minute webinar as she provides strategies for making the most of your library's experience with teen interns. Learn how to prepare your teens for career readiness - how to incorporate the development of professional skills into your teen intern program, how to play to your teen interns' strengths, and requirements you should be aware of when hiring teen interns.

  • Webinar: "Teen Programming Development: Making It About the Teens from Start to Finish"
    In this 60-minute webinar, Jennifer Velasquez differentiates between summer programming and non-summer programming, the goals of teen programming, and the importance of re-thinking the library worker's role in programming development.

  • Teen Intern Toolkit
    Teen Intern Toolkit. Are teen interns an integral component driving the success of your summer reading programs? Or are you thinking of enlisting the help of teen interns and don't know where to start? This how-to-guide gives an overview of the process of interviewing and working with teens. 
  • Webinar: "Spice Up a Program with a Dash of Literacy!"
    In this 60-minute webinar, Kelly Czarnecki will introduce you to basic categories of literacies, provide you with easy-to-implement programming ideas that you can use for each of these literacies, and how to incorporate literacies into your existing library programs. 

  • Webinar: "Demonstrating Impact Through Teen Summer Reading"
    Watch a free 60 minute webinar about the importance and impact of summer reading programs. Learn how you can build a case for developing/supporting your library's summer learning program! 
  • Webinar: “Don’t Get Lost in Translation: Connect with ELL Teens Through Summer Reading."
    Watch a free 60 minute webinar about serving teens who speak English as a second language.

  • Teen Programming Guidelines
    Read YALSA's Teen Programming Guidelines (.pdf) to learn about best practices in programming for and with teens.
  • Complete Summer Reading Manual
    Get your copy of the Complete Summer Reading Manual, published in 2012 by  YALSA.  Whether you’re embarking on your first SRP or you think you could plan one in your sleep, you’re sure to find this book helpful! The book covers everything from planning through evaluation.
  • Find YA Authors:
    Check out our list of YA Authors by State
    • Are you an author and want to be added to the list? Create a wiki account and add your contact info!

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